AppStudio Antivirus warning


Hello. I just downloaded today version and my antivirus (ZoneAlarm Extreme) rejects the file with the warning that it is infected by Trojan.Win32.SchoolBoy.edx virus.

Any info on that?



Never heard of this before. A quick google for a virus with that name also returns nothing.

If you downloaded from the official link on our site, you’ll be fine.


Hi, I have the same problem, please see attached screen shot. The process I have to follow is to disable my anti virus, install App Studio, enable anti virus which then disinfects the App Studio .exe file from my PC. Had the same problem with the previous version as well.



We are hearing more reports of this - it seems to be a false positive from Kaspersky.

We emailed all the data to Kaspersky and uploaded a copy of AppStudio to their website for analysis. We did not receive any response.

I just submitted AppStudio.exe to their Lab again, reporting it as a false detection. Hopefully they respond this time!


Thanks for getting back to me.



There’s a blog post on this too: