Bootstrap 4 Missing components


There seems to be a few ver 4 components missing in NSBAsic 7


Are these on the way or any reason for their absence?


Steve Warby


Badges: Were dropped by Bootstrap in BS4. Here’s a migration guide from them:

Use Labels instead.

Carousel: Not implemented yet, but it’s on our list. Do you have a project which needs it?

Collapse: isn’t really a component. It’s some additional code which allows controls to be hidden and shown. The latest build of AppStudio (7.0.3) has a new property on Buttons. ‘toggleControl’ lets you designate another control which is collapsed when the Button is clicked. Is that what you are looking for?


I am presuming a lot of people would use the Carousel within their projects.

Drag a component add some image, change a few setting and viola …


Steve Warby


There’s alway jqxPhotoGallery…


Cant mix these and bootstrap…:worried:


There is no problem mixing jqWidgets with Bootstrap. It’s jQuery Mobile which you cannot use anything else with.