Changing size of Bootstrap Select control


What is the best way to change the size of the Bootstrap Select Control. I need to increase the font size and corresponding height of the select box.

With Bootstrap TextArea I’m just using “font-size:20px” in the style property. But that is not working for the Bootstrap Select Control.

I’m attempting to rewrite my app to move to Bootstrap from JQM. This is an iPad specific version so having larger font/controls is important. Any help would be appreciated.


If you’re trying to target a specific BS Select control, something like this would work:

$("#Select1_contents").css({ "font-size": 24, "height": 44 })

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Hi Doug, where would I put this code? I tried in projectCSS with the name of the control, and doesn’t appear to change anything. Is there no way to change the size at design time with code entered directly on the control?


It would go in your code, like in Sub Main. Alternatively, if you prefer to place it in Project CSS, it would look like this:

#Select1_contents {
  font-size: 24px;
  height: 44px;

The advantage of the latter is that you can see the result inside the IDE at design time.

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That works great, thanks for your help