Developer Console (Google Play) Shows App Crashing


Hi, for some reason my app Crashes every now and then when in use by customers from Google play. Please see the pictures that I receive letting me know when my app has crashed and the reasons why the app has crashed. Can any one let me know what is happening here in an understandable format from looking at these pictures?
No errors when run in Chrome Browser and no build errors from Phone Gap.



Sorry I can only put one image in as I’m classed as a new user :slight_smile:


There isn’t much information here to work with. Do the routines cited look like anything in your code, or are they in PhoneGap code?

Check Google’s docs to see if there is a way to drill down more into these errors.


Ok George, I’ll have a look through Google docs.



Hi George, I looked through the Google documentation and it basically says that I have a run time error? Anyway I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to reproduce the crash on an Android device and I’ve found it. I have some TextBoxes on various Forms within the app that will show two sub forms with an onclick. What happens on the odd occasion is that only one of these forms will appear when there should be two. The other problem with this is that the hide function for both of these sub forms is on the sub form that is NOT showing. Therefore the only way to close the sub form that is showing is to escape your way out of the app via the Android back button and then Re-start the app. Then the app works as it should. If I were to shut the app down via the Android home button and then restart the app, the app just resumes from where it left off with the same subform showing, with still no way of closing it without doing the procedure I mentioned using the back button.
Both subforms have the index set to 999 in submain
Both forms Show with onclick
Both forms Hide with onclick

Just over 50 forms in app as to date.

Haven’t as yet managed to get the same problem in the chrome browser.

Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?