Email a screenshot


Hi George & Co,

I’m trying, and failing, to do something that I hoped would be possible.
What I would like to do is email a screenshot from an iPad.

Window.print() works just fine but I would like to send the image to an email address as an attachment.

What drives this is the need to replace a load of paper tick box forms. I can set these as a form background image, use a signature panel overlay to collect the ticks etc and then hopefully send the composite image back as an attachment.

Any comments welcome.
kind regards,


In AppStudio 7, there is a new sample called Print2PDF. You give it the name of a form in your project, and it turns it into a PDF which can be emailed.

You’ll need to be using PhoneGap to make this all work.

Have a look at the sample and see if it helps. We’re still working on documentation to go along with it.


Hi Support,

This had me really confused for a while. Print2PDF is in V6 and does indeed produce a PDF but I can’t seem to attach this to an Email. Perhaps you meant to say try PhoneGapMail. This does grab a screen and attach to an EMail. Alas I need to use phonegap and the app has to be used on ipads. There is no time to put anything on the app store even if I could get the customers permission to expose their forms in this way.

I need to find another solution.

regards Richard