How to change textbox to pdf


Ant wan to change the contents of a textbox variable or textbox to a pdf file?


There’s a new feature in AppStudio 7 to let you do this. Watch our blog: we will have an article in the next few days about it.


Thanks… I will be checking for the article.


Will this only change a form to pdf or textboxes and its content too to pdf?

Any reference material I can read now?



There’s a sample called Print2PDF. You can find it by going into Open Sample and entering ‘pdf’ into the search bar.


To upgrade from Version 5 to 7 still $49.99? Where is the link to upgrade, will same serial number work in upgrade?




Here’s the information you’re looking for…


Noticed the project formats are in folder form in NSB 7. I have version 5 which saves as single file the project. Will version saved 5 projects still work with version 7.



Yes, AppStudio 5 projects can be opened in AppStudio 7. Use “Open Old Projects” in the File menu.

Keep a backup of your project.

Also, have a look at Breaking Changes in the notes in Wikipedia: