How to fix "Project is either corrupt or missing"


I was busy on a v7 project. Hit Start in Desktop Browser … nothing happened. (I have been working on it for hours with no issues with Deploy).

I then thought let me exit Appstudio and restart. By answering Yes or No to save project it does not exit.

Next I ended Appstudio from Windows Task Manager.

Then when reopening it gives Project is either corrupt or missing. (It is not missing all there)

Firstly how can I recover my project and secondly why did this happen.

Many Thanks


Yikes - this should never happen. Any chance you can zip up the project folder so I can have a look?

You might have to go to a backup. Since Version 7 saves the project as separate files, you will still be able to copy code modules, etc. from the damaged project. All is not lost!

Let’s work directly on this one - it will be faster.


This happened to me a few times in version 6.x. In those cases the entire project was lost. So version 7.x should be more secure in being able to recover without a backup. It always/only happened when a Save got “stuck”. When this happened the SDK became unresponsive and the only way out was using the task manager to kill the program. I would look at what happens during a Save and also (and this is just a guess) see if doing an all code Search prior might be related. I’ve had strange things happen after a search, but very rare and un-reproduceable.


You’re right - while these events are extremely rare, we can do a lot more to fix things when they do happen in Version 7.

The project has been repaired. We’re tearing apart the code to figure out how this could have happened.


I reported something like this in November 2018. Following is a copy of the thread. I could solve it this way. Maybe this does help here as well:

Thank you - this is helpful.

George Henne

On Nov 3, 2018, at 6:50 PM, Bernd Sommer <> wrote:

PS 2:

… and in folder “Elements” of the corrupt project both input1 and input2 json were missing.

I copied the missing control(s) from the repeated project to the folders and the before mentioned file (only input2 missing) of the corrupt project. Now it could be opened again.