How2 GetValue in jqm CheckBox


Hallo all. I’ve been using NSB for about 10 years, along w/MS VS. I’ve DLed v6 but I have a problem (on another topic), so I go with NSB 4.2. I’m trying to use jqm CheckBox but I can’t read controls value, as Y can see in my screenshot. Whenever I try, I get an error. I think I’m making some error, but I can’t figure out what it can be. Can Y pls help me? TIA

As Y can see, I’ve a jqm chackbox with 9 rows. Launching IE11 and its debugger, it states a need for a function. What? Why?

  1. I know I’m trying to cycle 11 times and I’ve only 9 items to retrieve, but the error rises the very 1st time.
  2. I’ve added .get() after getValue(n) just for a try, the error is thrown w/o .get() as well


Line 2413 contains invalid syntax and causes an error downstream. If you comment out that line and change the upper bound of the For loop from 11 to 9, the code works. Be sure the code is in Sub Main or later to ensure ckSicilia is ready for use.

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Lot of thanks, Doug.
However, even if the code runs, it doesn’t work as expected (by me). The goal is to retrieve if a checkbox is checked or not, and this code returns always false in line 3417 (w/o .get()). How can I get real values of checkbox other than the way I do?


I’m not seeing that code line, but have you looked at the Checkbox sample project and/or wiki page for Checkbox in the docs?

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Hi Doug.
I’ve seen samples. However, in my mind retrieving values in the onchange() event was not the only way. Now I get values just in the onchange() event, then I save values in a variable local and it did the trick. Thank you so much.