Line number in error msg


Is there a way of getting the “final” line numbering in the code other than having to get to the code file in the deployed app ?
When I get an error message with a line number this is not the numbering in the code window, it’s the one in the final code file…
It makes debugging much more cumbersome…
The Chrome debugger is a way, but it would be much simpler if the line number reported would be the one in the relevant code window…



It would be great to be able to do this - unfortunately, it’s not easy. AppStudio lets you edit your project as a bunch of separate files, but at runtime, combines them into one large file for quick loading.

It gets more complicated of you’re coding in BASIC. It translates to JavaScript before deploying: the number of lines of JavaScript can be different than the number of lines of BASIC.

We’re looking at other ways to make this easier in the next version.