Load & Retrieve Images into/from DB by REST service


Hi all gurus. I’ve a Web App using REST services, using peoples stored in SQLServer along with their photos. I’d like to manage Android & iOs mobile devices to catch and/or receive photos, say, w/WhatsApp and have them stored in the DB w/my app. I can successfully retrieve & display them in a PictureBox, but how2 store a new image? Can Y pls drive me to this goal? Is there a sample and/or tutorial? (As of now I manage them with a Silverlight app from a Pc, but it’s time to move to mobiles), TIA


Have a look at this Tech Note:

See #14.


Thank you. Following your suggestion I’ve built some code. However, it leads to an error 404 trying to submit the REST command. I can see what I receive on the server side in the “foto” parameter, and it’s NOT a string, nor I can convert it from Base64, and it throws the given error.

txtFile2Load is a textBox in “File” mode
PictureBox4 is a PictureBox
btnLoadImg is a Button (to make the send op)
lblRespAgg is a label

Function txtFile2Load_onchange()
End Function

Function reader_onload(e)
  PictureBox4.src=e.target.result 'Phone Viewing ONLY
End Function

Function btnLoadImg_onclick()
  Dim foto=PictureBox4.toDataURL
  Dim fotolen=foto.length
  If req.status=200 Then
      lblRespAgg.textContent="Errore "+req.status
  End If
End Function


this is what I see watching internal REST service call

Image data base

Since I’ve achieved most goals but one, I’m gon’ to post another request for narrowing code, and set an answer to this. Should Y like, have a look @ “Passing long parameters to REST service avoinding 414 error”

Passing long parameters to REST service avoiding 414 error