Phone gap splash screen not working


Hi, I’ve just updated App Studio and I am no longer getting a Splash Screen with Android app (built in Phone Gap cli 6.5.0) My default Splash Screen is 720x960 in size and used to work nicely with all Galaxy models. Has this changed? I looked in the Wiki docs and looks like nothing has changed there as far as config xml and splash screen sizes. Can anybody help.


I’ve found some posts from around the beginning of this year and the general consensus is that Splashscreens have stopped working with cli-6.5.0. in phonegap. I found a Blog that explains some config xml code that needs to be added to the main config xml sheet that is supposed to sort this problem out. Here: My apps are built in JQ mob so I’m assuminig that I still have to use the old phonegap builder (6.5.0) but I don’t know how to apply the new code into my config xml? Can anyone help.


Can you try the PhoneGapAPI sample? Does it work properly?


Thanks for getting back to me, Just goes to show how out of touche I am. I didn’t know that we had a phonegap API sample? Where is this please?




Under the File menu: Open Sample


Thanks for that. I’ll give that a try when I get home.


Sent that to PhoneGap, loaded it onto my device and there was no splashscreen. I noticed that it was using cli-6.0.1 so I tried it with cli- 6.5.0 and that didn’t work either?



I’m using cli-8.0.0 for all my projects these days.


I Can’t get my projects, including the NSB sample project to work with any cli version. I’ve got a bit of spare time free tomorrow so I’ll dig into it then.
Thanks George.