I may be getting too picky


I would like to have a ‘Close Solution’ button on the ‘File’ menu and be able to open program without it always loading a project. With this, then, a ‘Recent Projects’ button would be helpful.

I know there are bigger fish to fry but maybe this could be on the burner when you have time.

Thanks, Rodney Wirtz


Second that. As someone who works on multiple projects and is always bouncing between, being able to switch between or, if nothing is open, give me a list to choose from (including creating new and *** my next suggestion ***)

*** Import Existing Project!!!
With 8 active projects, going in and entering all that data for each is, well, daunting. I should be able to just point at an existing folder with a config.xml and a www folder and AppStudio do the rest.


And I third that.

Also… can we have navigate forward and backward buttons. Copying and pasting code between forms/modules is a bit of a pain at the moment.

Also… is it really necessary to have to select, say, ‘Deploy to a Local Folder’ in the menu dropdown AND in Preferences for it to take effect?


When I want to change projects, I just select the name of the project from the File menu - the 10 most recent projects are there. Wouldn’t this be about the same?

@silvercoder, would the forward and backward buttons be between forms? Would back go to the previous form, or the next one in the tab bar?

The Deploy selector chooses what happens when you hit the run button to the left of it.